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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pannus In the German Shepherd

One thing I have been hearing from other breeders is that it is occurring much more frequently in the last five years or so...I had not even heard of it in my dogs before at all until this year.(one case) And remember I have been breeding the same lines the same way for about 20 years now. Like with humans chemicals and environment play a big role in disease, to much inbreeding may "weaken immune systems" but loved ones and friends I have known that have been diagnosed with Cancer , and auto-immune diseases like MS, ALS, Graves and numerous others are not inbred or had family histories so there is something in our environment, whether it is chemical or Ozone depletion or combinations of both, Dogs are increasing in auto immune diseases cancers and allergies- just like in Humans incidences of all are much more common then they used to be.

Prevention--- Seems to be those at high altitude levels and low levels near water(reflections) bright sunny days with bright snow on the ground), living in environments with greater sun exposures. It may be helpful to keep dogs out of direst sun light for long periods also keeping those heads from hangin' out the car window may be a good idea as well.. It's also a given that dogs probably don't realize looking towards the sun is bad!

related terms: chronic superficial keratitis (CSK), German shepherd pannus, Uberreiter's syndrome

What is pannus?

Pannus, or chronic superficial keratitis, is a condition of ongoing inflammation of the cornea (the surface of the eye). Pannus begins as a grayish haze. Gradually blood vessels and pigmented cells move into the normally transparent cornea. As the inflammatory changes spread across the cornea, vision is affected. The condition gradually worsens and usually affects both eyes.

In atypical pannus, the third eyelid is affected rather than the cornea. This is most common in German shepherds.

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